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The Southend Bikeathon and Southend Branch of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research always need volunteers.
Can you spare just a few hours of your time?

Be a Marshal.

Itís not a hard job. You need to stand or sit at a junction on the route and check that the riders are heading in the right direction and should there be an incident, make a phone call.

You get to wear a fashionable High Visibility Tabard and If you feel light hearted we can give you a bright pink foam hand to direct the riders. Youíll look a picture.

If you want to be helpful you can take pictures of the riders to help with our future publicity.

The maximum time for this is around five hours Bikeathon day and if we get enough volunteers, this can be reduced. If you fancy spending a few hours to help beat blood cancer send me an email.

Terry Joyce

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