Junior Bikeathon entrants

Sunday 14th May 2017
Priory Park

The Bikeathon will start at 10am and finish at Midday.

The Southend Junior Bikeathon is
is a charity bike ride for
Children at Primary School.

The route is mainly on grass, with undulations and slopes. The circuit is around half a mile long.

Entry is free, but we do ask everyone to raise sponsorship money or make a donation so that we can help children and adults with Leukaemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma and all Blood cancers.

Why not cycle with your friends and family like
Team Robert or cycle with your school like
West Leigh Junior School.

Team Robert

West Leigh Junior School

Junior Bikeathon entrants Junior Bikeathon entrants

Online Entry is Closed

Children riding must wear a cycle helmet



Print an Entry Form, fill it in and bring it along on Sunday
Entry Form

The Bikeathon will start at 10am and finish at Midday.


Just Giving
Just Giving
We will email you a form once you have entered.

The ride will start at 10am and finish at midday

Registration is at the bandstand

Look at our facebook page for last minute information.  

Getting to Priory Park

If possible please cycle to the park as parking is limited.
The entrance for vehicles is reached from the southbound carriageway of Victoria Avenue.
The nearest Postcode is SS2 6NB.
There will be signs on the carriageway starting at 300 Yards to warn you of the entrance to the park.
Here is a link to Google Streetview showing the entrance Google Streetview


If the car park is full at Priory Park please use the Southend Utd car park at Roots Hall.
Link to Google StreetView showing Roots Hall

essex & suffolk water logo

bottled tap water

Essex and Suffolk Water have agreed to supply
the water for the 2017 Event

Each 500ml bottle of bottled tap water contains a quarter
of the daily amount of water recommended for an adult.

The tap water has gone through 69 tests to guarantee the quality

  • Drinking enough water improves concentration
  • 50 glasses of tap water costs around ONE PENNY
  • Tap water is a healthy, calorie free drink
  • When you are thirsty you concentrate 13% less
  • Water regulates your body temperature
  • Drinking enough tap water improves the look and feel of you skin
  • You need to replace water lost through sweating, breathing & urination
  • Think healthy - drink eight glasses of tap water every day

Clearly thirst class

Essex & Suffolk Water Website




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We would like all riders to wear a correctly fitted Cycle Helmet.
Please watch Joe's Story from The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust to see why it is a good idea.

Parking is limited, please cycle if possible.

Prittle Brook Greenway is an ideal way to cycle to Priory Park.
Please see the links below to the Cycle Southend website.


Cycle Southend run Bikeability courses.

Bikeability are lessons that will help you have even more fun on your bike and teach you important road skills.
They're really important and will help you learn all the basics you need to get the most out of your ride.
You can then enjoy riding on roads with friends.
The three levels of Bikeability will teach you how to stay safe and give you all the skills and confidence you need to get out and about on your bike.
Ask at your School Office or see Bikeability

cycle southend

Cycle Southend are supporting the Bikeathon and will be there on the day.
Click on their logo to see their website.

There are a number of cycle paths to Priory Park, see the links below to the Cycle Southend website for various maps.


Cycle Southend Maps page

Prittle Brook Greenway pdf

Essex Weather

Please check the weather and bring appropriate clothing.

Essex Weather

Please see map. Searchable Google Map with information

Map of the Area

Access to the car park in Priory Park is via the southbound carriageway of Victoria Avenue
It is around a quarter of a mile from Cuckoo Corner Roundabout.
map to Priory Park

Pictures from the 2013 Junior Bikeathon. Click on the thumbnails to see a bigger picture

Southend Junior Bikeathon Southend Junior Bikeathon Southend Junior Bikeathon
Southend Junior Bikeathon Southend Junior Bikeathon Southend Junior Bikeathon

The Priory is open from 11am on the day of the Junior Bikeathon. Please take your children and have a look. See Prittlewell Priory



The Southend Bikeathon is run by the Southend Branch of Bloodwise formerly Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

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